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Stage 3 in Toronto & Peel region starts today–Friday, July 31. While we all enjoyed less traffic, more time with family, unexpected downtime & lots of work & play time in the comforts of home, returning to work now signals the beginning of a whole new professional life. Many will conduct business with improved strategies, reconfigure workspaces for more efficiency, reassign workers to fulfill their maximum potential & focus on boosting revenues through innovative methods that move the business forward. After all the social distancing, masking & engaging in online contact, we really are more connected than we think. And signs of hope are strong. According to Statistics Canada, the economy grew by 4.5% in May & continued to grow at an annualized rate of 5% in June. So whether it’s worry, fear, confusion, relief, anxiety or excitement setting in, we are in this together for sure. As businesses & facilities reopen, with mandatory public health measures in place, I wish everyone a safe reopening & the ability to un-mask our true business potential, creating more success than ever before. Let’s do this together!